Betancourt bridge




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Malaya Neva

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This cable-stayed bridge across the Malaya Neva between the Island of the Decembrists and the Petrovsky Island across Serny Island, is one of the youngest bridges in St. Petersburg. It was opened on May 13, 2018.

The Betancourt Bridge is a fixed bridge, which means that it provides communication between the Petrograd side and Vasilievsky Island 24 hours a day, even when all other bridges are raised. In addition, this is the first bridge in St. Petersburg, along which both cars and pedestrians can move. And bicycles: the project provides six lanes for cars, a sidewalk and a bicycle path.

The bridge has the name of the man who made valuable contribution to the St. Petersburg bridge construction - engineer Augustin de Betancourt (1758-1824). Spanish, then Russian statesman and scientist, engineer and architect, Betancourt was the organizer of engineering education in Russia and the author of many engineering projects in our country in the XIX century.

It is interesting that in the beginning of the XIX century in St. Petersburg there was already a Betancourt Bridge - a wooden arch bridge of unusual beauty across Malaya Nevka. The bridge was built according to the Betancourt project and connected the Aptekarsky and Kamenny Islands. Kamennoostrovsky Bridge is located in its place nowadays.