Kozhevennaya line, 34
12:00 – 23:00
Average bill
1500 rub
+7 (921) 877-17-17

Cafe-bar of oriental cuisine in the Sevkabel port space. The restaurant's menu contains dishes of Armenian, Georgian, Israeli and Turkish cuisine from traditional Israeli hummus to eggplant with Georgian satsivi. The bar card of the cafe-bar will delight guests with a wide variety of wines, among which, in addition to traditional ones, there are 2 types of Georgian orange. The wines in the institution are poured into glasses and served in bottles. The hallmark of the cafe-bar is a magnificent view of the embankment; the establishment also has its own coastal terrace.

Popular positions:

  • Beef basturma - 250 rubles
  • Smoked tomato soup with cream cheese - 250 rubles
  • Pita with chicken kebab and nut sauce - 380 rubles
  • Eggplant with satsivi, tomato salsa and cilantro pesto - 450 rubles
  • Berry fruit drink - 120 rubles
  • Orange wine Khikhivi - askaneli brothers (0,125) - 420 rubles
Романтический ужин на воде с изысканным меню и живой музыкой
Круизы по Неве на теплоходах-ресторанах
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