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St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University is a forge of Russian marine engineering personnel.

Korabelka is the legendary Petersburg University with deep traditions and dynamically growing prospects. This is the only university in Russia that trains world-class specialist engineers across the entire spectrum of shipbuilding specialties. The main areas are the design, construction and technical operation of sea vessels, surface ships and submarines, as well as technical means of providing for the exploration and production of oil, gas and other minerals on the seabed.

The intellectual center of Russian shipbuilding, the pride of St. Petersburg - the sea capital of Russia. Over its 85-year history, the university has trained tens of thousands of specialists who have proven themselves in various fields. Among the graduates - ministers, statesmen, brilliant designers, brilliant figures of science and culture, talented engineers. The profession of a "noble ship" in Russia has always been considered elitist. Graduates building, designing and launching high-tech ships know: "Who can build a ship knows everything in life."

SPbGMTU, in accordance with the federal program “Strategic Development of the Russian Federation-2020”, is directly involved in a new round of Russian history and is preparing the necessary personnel capable of creating high-tech innovative technology.

Highly qualified specialists are in demand today in Russia, and, obviously, the demand for them will only increase.

Universality, relevance, prestige are the three pillars on which the modern educational model of the St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University is built. The University with joy and pride takes on its deck a young and ambitious generation.

Today SPbGMTU is:

  • 9 faculties, more than 50 academic departments;
  • powerful teaching staff;
  • modern scientific and laboratory base;
  • the demand for graduates of SPbGMTU in Russia and the world;
  • Institute of Military Education;
  • rich student life;
  • sports base, yachting, water tourism;
  • student health care program.

SPbGMTU is famous for its scientific schools and brilliant faculty. University scientists are actively working on the introduction of innovative technologies, the scientific and technical creativity of students and graduate students is developing intensively. By the volume of scientific research SPbGMTU takes one of the leading places among the universities of St. Petersburg and the country.