Marata st., 86, 2nd floor
Theme clusters
10:00 – 21:00
Entrance fee
Visiting the soft zone: weekdays - 600 rubles, weekends - 700 rubles. (without a standard of time, excluding a game card).

JUNGLELAND is a large children's entertainment center where you can jump to the stars on trampolines, make your way through the jungle through the mazes, play soccer and always win. The spirit of adventure and unlimited freedom reigns here.

Young visitors to JUNGLELAND are awaited for:

  • children attractions;
  • a large maze city (for children from 1 to 10 years old);
  • dry pool;
  • more than 50 different slot machines for children and adults;
  • trampoline zone;
  • shooting range;
  • 7D cinema;
  • entertaining / educational games and toys;
  • Professional photographers and face painting.

The kids here can pour out their energy, and parents can sit quietly in a cafe for a cup of coffee with dessert.

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