Hamlet & Jacks


Volynsky per., 2


11:00 – 23:00


11:00 – 00:00



Average bill

1300 rubles


+7 (812) 907-07-35

The gastronomic history of Hamlet + Jacks is impressive, thanks to brand chef Evgeny Vikentiev. You can describe his dishes as avant-garde, unusual and even provocative, as they are true culinary masterpieces, striking not only with the taste, but also with the way they are served, and the special idea behind each dish.

There are two directions in the Hamlet & Jacks menu:

“Ours” - dishes made from products of Russian origin, which Eugene and his chef - Maxim Razhev constantly find from local farmers and across the country, allowing our guests to discover new tastes and combinations.

“Ours + Theirs” - in these dishes, accompaniment for Russian products are ingredients from around the world. Brand Chef gets inspiration from art, music and constant travel.

Popular dishes:

  • Baltic herring - 310 rubles.
  • Beef brisket - 340 rubles.
  • Chicken broth - 290 rubles.
  • Stewed turkey - 690 rubles.
  • Soba with Voronezh beef - 420 rubles.
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