Griffins at the Academy of Fine Arts

University emb., 17
Opened in
in 1834, restored in 1959
P.P. Gede (original), I. N. Benois and A.E. Polyakov (re-creation)

Two bronze griffins adorn the descent to the Neva opposite the Academy of Fine Arts, under the famous Sphinxes. Winged lions were located on the sides of the granite quay, almost at the water, guarding the entrance to semi-circular platforms with granite benches. The Griffins are not entirely executed: the head, chest, front paws and wings stand out from the bench.

Griffins, like bronze fixtures, were cast in 1834 according to the models of the master of bronze affairs P. P. Gede. Later winged lions mysteriously disappeared and were recreated in 1959 according to the project of I.N. Benois and A.E. Polyakov.

Polished foreheads and tongues shine gold at winged lions. It is believed that if put one hand on the tongue of the Griffin, and the second on the forehead, and make a wish, then it will come true.