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City Hall


Pushkin, Naberezhnaya st., 14


Famous buildings


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Years of foundation



I. A. Monighetti



In 1852-1856 the building of the town hall was built by the project of architect I. A. Monigetti from the old service building of the Assignation Factory. Officials were elected to the Town Hall every three years from merchants and burghers. At the time of formation, there were four positions: burgomaster, two rotmans and a town warden. Their responsibilities included managing the economic and public affairs of Tsarskoye Selo and the public and custodial affairs of three cities: Tsarskoye Selo, Gatchina and Pavlovsk.

During the Great Patriotic War, the building was destroyed, but one of the first to be restored. In 1902, architect R. R. Bach built an extension for the Parade Hall with magnificent marble staircase and decorative furniture in the style of Louis XVI. The walls of the rooms were decorated with portraits of royal persons. The hall was used for ceremonial meetings, military presences, as well as for entertainment events.

Currently, the town hall building is occupied by the Pushkin District House of Culture.

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