Famous building

"Flatiron house"

Fontanka Emb., 199 / Sadovaya Str., 128
Famous buildings
Years of foundation
V.V. Shaub
Simplified neoclassicism

Unusual in the form narrow house is located at the intersection of Sadovaya Street and the Fontanka River embankment. It was built by the famous architect Vasily Shaub. The architect decided to create a new building in the style of neoclassicism, in the same style it was supposed to decorate the facades, but at the request of the customer, for the sake of austerity, Shubin had to break the integrity of the composition and resort to a simplified design of the facade.

Because of its angular arrangement, the building was nicknamed "house-iron" among the people. It also resembles the nose of a giant ship, which tears to the waters of the Fontanka River to swim across the Baltic Sea.

"Flatiron houses" – not uncommon in world architecture. The most famous building in the world of this form is the 22-story Flatiron Building on Manhattan, New York.

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