Famous building

House with kokoshniks


Kolokolnaya Str. 11


Famous buildings

Years of foundation



N.N. Nikonov



In 1900 on Kolokolnaya Street a house with kokoshniks on the facade was there, reminiscent of a house from a Russian fairy tale. This is a profitable house of Nikolai Nikitich Nikonov, built in the Neo-Russian style. N.N. Nikonov, one of the famous St. Petersburg architects, worked extensively in the field of church architecture and, building a profitable house for himself, turned to the motives of the ancient Russian architecture.

The decor of the facade is striking in its variety and originality: plastering, naked brickwork and multi-colored tiles, hipped roofs, columns with melons, kokoshniki in combination with multi-colored ceramics.

Now there is a hotel in this house.