Famous building

House of workers Svirstroy


Maly prospect P.S., 84-86


Famous buildings

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I.G. Javein



One of the last buildings of Leningrad in the style of constructivism was the house of specialists and workers of the Svirskaya HPP on the Petrograd side, built in 1932-1938 by the architect I.G. Yavane.

The house has a complex shape and consists of several buildings. The main facade of the complex faces Maly Prospekt. A large arch leads to the inner courtyard. In the corners of the facade there are two protruding wings forming a courtyard in which grass and trees are planted. The building, located along Ordinarnaya Street, is slightly curved. In the whole building, there were 210 apartments of improved planning.

In the decor of the house, you can see almost all the "brand" constructivist elements: ribbon windows, a high gateway with retaining pillars, recessed balconies, stairwells with solid glazing. The building has a solemn and elegant appearance. The roofs of the short buildings are decorated with pergolas, apparently intended for summer recreation of residents. Perhaps they even planned to create a garden there, but such projects for obvious reasons were realized only in southern cities.

In multi-layered facades, the most active role is played by numerous balconies. In no other building of that period is there such a variety of their types, methods of grouping and drawing of details.

From 1945 to 1995 in this house an outstanding film director Joseph Efimovich Kheifits lived.

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