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Profitable house of I.B. Lidval


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F.I. Lidval



An apartment house in the Art Nouveau style was built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, designed by the architect Fyodor Lidval, commissioned by his mother, Ida-Amalia Lidval. The complex of buildings became a laureate of the contest "The Best Facade of St. Petersburg" in 1907.

Profitable house of I.B. Lidval is a complex of buildings in the form of an irregular U-shaped polygon. Four asymmetrical buildings form a large open courtyard with a lawn and flower beds (Kurdouner) from Kamennoostrovsky Prospekt. The decoration uses colored plaster, hewn stone, ceramic tiles, artistic casting and sculptural reliefs with scenes from birds, animals, and plants. The stylistics of modernity is also spoken by widely spaced straight and polygonal window openings, arches, platbands, bay windows, and balconies.

The internal living quarters of a profitable house are also devoid of monotony. In the left wing were the family apartments of Lidvaley with the workshop of F.I. Lidval himself, majolica stoves, faience washbasins, and marble fireplaces, and the ceilings were installed here and the walls were decorated with oak and birch. In one of the buildings technical rooms were arranged - a reception room, rooms for wipers, porters, electric lighting, water heating, laundry, and ironing

In the house of Lidval many famous personalities rented apartments - bankers, industrialists, entrepreneurs, senior military and civilian ranks. And after the revolution of 1917, representatives of the creative intelligentsia-actors and artists-lived here.

Today this building remains an elite residential building. Wealthy Petersburgers live here, there are offices of famous legal and insurance companies.

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