Wondrous city

Engelsa st., 154, «Grand Canyon», 3 floor
Theme clusters
10:00 – 22:00

The “Wonderful City” development area in the “Grand Canyon” shopping and entertainment center in the north of St. Petersburg is a space for children of any age. Here you can visit the trampoline center and the city of professions, shoot with a real bow or crossbow, become a participant in a very scary show, learn the basics of robotics, plunge into the world of fantastic creatures and monsters, take up dancing or start learning English.

And parents at this time can safely go shopping.

In the "Wonderful City" on one territory are collected:

  • shops of various children's brands and everything needed for expectant mothers;
  • club for creative and intellectual development INSTITUTIO CLUB;
  • dance studio;
  • city of professions "KidBurg";
  • the "Fruits of Enlightenment" theater;
  • rope park "High-rise city";
  • immersive theater of horror stories "Territory of Mysticism";
  • quests for the whole family Familand;
  • cryptozoological museum "Bestiary";
  • center of laser combat "CyberFox";
  • archery and crossbow shooting range "Sherwood" and much more.

On weekends, the "Wonderful City" hosts holidays, creative workshops, science shows, developing master classes and other interactive activities for children.

Fountains and fresh flowers, actors and mimes, wandering artists and musicians - all this creates a unique atmosphere of a real fairy tale. Comfort and smart decoration of city streets and squares will help children and their parents forget about the worries of everyday life.

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