Dinner in the Sky Russia

Pirogovskaya emb., 5/2
09:00 – 02:00
Author, mixed
Average bill
Lunch for two - 16,000 rubles; dinner for two - 25,000 rubles; cocktails for two - 10,000 rubles; breakfast for two - 12,500 rubles (food and drinks are included in the price)

The Dinner in the Sky project was conceived in 2006 in Belgium. It is a platform restaurant that can be raised to a height of 50 meters with a crane; in the center of the platform, the country's best chefs prepare their signature dishes for visitors. The dishes on the menu change each time depending on the chef invited on that day. However, they are invariably included in the price of a visit to an unusual restaurant: for example, lunch in heaven includes a three-course menu from the chef, an aperitif, champagne, wine, soft drinks and coffee.

Dinner in the Sky has all the security measures in place so you can enjoy gourmet cuisine and incredible bird's eye views of the city in peace.

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