Creative space


Fontanka River emb., 20
Creative spaces
11:00 – 00:00
Entrance fee
3 rubles / minute - the first hour
2 rubles / minute next hours
After 4 hours and before closing time becomes free

Out of the Ziferburg chain this one has the most interesting story. It was opened in 2013 in “Passage”. It instantly became a popular spot among locals. To accommodate all the guests, Ziferburg had to move to another place on Bolshaya Konushennaya street. It evolved from just a time café into a creative cluster. However, they had to clear the premises after the landlord decided to get the building back. In the summer of 2017 Ziferburg finally found a new home in Golicyn Loft on Fontanka River embankment. In Ziferburg you can spend time with your friends in cozy atmosphere, read a book, visit a lecture or a live performance. You have to pay only for the time spent in the café.

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