Black and white cafe

Moika river emb., 27
Coffee and tea
10:00 – 22:00
Average bill
800 rub

Unusual coffee shop on the Moika embankment. The specialty of the establishment is the interior: once you get here, you feel as if you are inside a pencil sketch. The menu includes classic coffee and tea, as well as a few simple snacks and desserts. If necessary, coffee will be prepared with alternative milk, syrups are free. Photo and video filming in a coffee shop without purchasing drinks or snacks will cost 250 rubles.

Popular positions:

  • Quiche with broccoli and salmon - 200 rubles.
  • Croissant with orange, honey and cinnamon - 200 rubles.
  • Black Forest cake - 250 rubles.
  • Cappuccino (250 ml) - 300 rubles.
  • Matcha latte (green or blue, 250 ml) - 300 rubles.
  • Assorted tea (500 ml) - 500 rubles.
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