Butcher and Banker

Bolshaya Morskaya st., 22
12:00 – 23:00
Average bill
1800 rub
8 (812) 223-47-80

The new restaurant Butcher and Banker, as conceived by its creators, is addressed to the widest audience - from the butcher to the banker. This is a space where everyone has the opportunity to relax, enjoy the show program, quality service and gastronomy.

The institution is designed for 144 seats. There are four halls, each with its own unique design interior, where each element becomes an art object and acts as a photo zone. The classic interior of old European palazzos was taken as the basis, with traditional English details, in which futuristic decor elements and furniture, which are art objects, were integrated. There is not a single corner in the restaurant, everything is smoothed out to create a cozy and at the same time unusual atmosphere.

The kitchen is led by chef Kovtun Emil, known for opening six projects of the Ginza Project holding and working in Novikov Group restaurants. The restaurant's menu combines European and Asian dishes: Hoi Sin salad, stracciatella with tomatoes and mint, rib eye steak, chicken popcorn, grilled pineapple, persimmon with stracciatella cheese.

In the bar list you can find red and white European wines, sparkling wine, port wine, cocktails, shots. Every day there is a beer unlimited, the guest pays 1000 rubles and has the opportunity to order a drink endlessly. Since February, the launch of the wine unlimited is expected. And the guests of the restaurant, whose check exceeds 5,000 rubles, are offered to play the “one-armed bandit” and are provided with two options. Guests can win a drink or a meal.

In 2022, Butcher and Banker will host show programs and performances by cover bands, as well as immersive theater.

Popular positions:

  • Beer set (croutons, wings, fish & chips): 850 rubles
  • Borscht: 450 rubles
  • Seabass with fresh vegetables: 720 rubles
  • Ribeye steak: 1700 rubles
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