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Benoit 1890 (Benoit Farm)


Tikhoretsky pr., 17


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Average bill

1500 rubles


+7 (812) 209 18 90

The Benoit Space 1890 opened in 2015 at the site of the Benoit family forest dairy farm.

In the 1890s, the Petersburg academician of architecture, a representative of the famous artistic dynasty, Yuli Yulievich Benoit, leased the territory from the Murinsky stream to the outskirts of St. Petersburg. By 1904, according to his own drawings, a dairy farm was built here. It was famous all over Petersburg.

After the October Revolution, Benoit’s farm was nationalized, and it became the Forestry State Farm. The farm did not stop its work even in the blockade, supplying Leningraders with fresh vegetables. Since 2006, this site has officially received the name "Benoit Garden". The buildings located here were badly damaged by fires. The restoration of the space began in 2011. When restoring buildings, it was decided to preserve their historical appearance on the basis of archival data and photographs.


Today Benoit 1890 includes: the Benoit Farm family restaurant, the Benoit School, the Benuariki project (publishing house, production of souvenirs and the animated series), a souvenir shop. Various cultural events take place in the space: exhibitions, festivals, quests.

The Benua Farm Restaurant serves various cuisines: Italian pasta and pizza, Uzbek pilaf, Georgian kebabs, Mediterranean dishes. At the request of customers gluten-free dishes can be made. There are breakfasts and children's menu.

Popular dishes:

  • Specialty burger with french fries: 590 rub.
  • Fergana plov: 650 rub.
  • Pizza: 390-620 rub.
  • Pasta: from 450 rubles.
  • Gluten-free risotto with calf cheeks: 650 rub.

A glass of wine costs from 330 to 460 rubles.

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