Kazanskaya st., 8-10
09:00 – 23:00
Vegetarian, Indian
Average bill
400 rubles
+7 (812) 904-70-77

Vegetarian cafe in the heart of the city, with a special atmosphere, hearty cuisine and interesting events. The motto of the cafe “Food with meaning” means that the institution’s goal is not only to feed tasty food, but also to promote spiritual development.

The café serves Indian, Maghreb, Nepalese, Moroccan and European dishes. The specialty of the menu is vegetarian, vegan, raw food and real fusion of spices, as well as a rich tea card.

Hot healthy breakfasts include porridge with various toppings or homemade Adygei cheese omelette, casserole or pancakes, coffee or tea. Breakfast costs 210 rubles.

During the day a business lunch is served for 269 rubles.

If suddenly you find yourself in difficult circumstances, the cafe BARAKA will gladly feed you with “Hanging Food”. This is a food that you can order absolutely free of charge, thanks to human kindness: if a person has left a tip or just a desire to help, then he can donate any amount or buy a dish in the menu “Hanging food”, thereby giving the next guest the opportunity to have lunch or just drink coffee.