Famous building

Boris Eifman Dance Academy


Liza Tschaikina st., 2


Famous buildings


Years of foundation




The modern building of the Boris Eifman Dance Academy was erected in 2011–2013. The Academy is located in the block bounded by Bolshoi Prospect of the Petrogradskaya side, Bolshaya Pushkarskaya, Liza Tschaikina and Vvedenskaya streets. The project was developed in the 44 Architectural Studio under the supervision of the famous architect Nikita Yavein.

In the 20th century, the Assembly cinema, built in 1913 in the neoclassicism style according to the design of the architect F.A. Korzuhina was situated here. The architectural appearance of the facade of the “Assembly” with a semicircular arch was recreated in a new building. The background of the facade is designed in the form of a QR code, in which quotes of famous people about the ballet are “encrypted”.

Today's Dance Academy includes a residential and academic building connected by a glazed atrium, which is cut by two open courtyards and is equipped with a system of stairs and passages. The walls of recreation and ballet halls are made of translucent glass. The idea of the architects was to give the ballet school as much light as possible in a dense building environment. The total area of the Academy premises is 12,000 square meters.

Next to the new buildings, a restored monument of modern wooden architecture of the modern style has been preserved - the Greff’s Dobbert mansion, built in 1896.

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