Pushkin Square


Museum of Political History of Russia

ul. Kuibysheva, 2-4




18 may 2024, 10:00 — 31 july 2024, 18:00


100 rub — 350 rub

Events / Exhibition

The Museum of Political History of Russia is hosting a new exhibition called “Pushkin Square” to commemorate the 225th anniversary of Alexander Pushkin, the renowned Russian poet. The exhibition explores the formation of Pushkin’s cult in Russia and the USSR, which served as a foundation for national identity and a symbol of Russian culture. The different epochs are highlighted, each offering its own interpretation of Pushkin’s work and life, ranging from rejection to deification. The exhibition showcases state events and public initiatives associated with Pushkin, featuring his editions from the early 20th century and including Dostoevsky’s speech at the opening of the Pushkin monument in Moscow. Notably, the exhibition focuses on the 1930s when Pushkin’s work was deemed a national treasure and anniversary dates were used for ideological education, with Pushkin’s fame rivaling even Stalin’s. The exhibition incorporates photographs, posters, magazines, and publications related to the anniversary of Pushkin’s tragic death. The aim of the exhibition is to emphasize the enduring presence of Pushkin in the Russian world by presenting him as a central figure in a symbolic square.