The exhibition of Platon Terentyev "Kalyk"




01 february 2019, 12:00 — 14 february 2019, 20:00


Free of charge



Events / Exhibition

Center for Art and Music by the Library of V.V. Mayakovsky invites you to visit Platon Terentyev’s Kalyk exhibition.

Platon Terentyev - documentary photographer, graduate of the Faculty of press photographers of Yu. A. Halperin, a student of Alexander Astafyev, Vlad Sokhin, Yuri Kozyrev, Stanley Green.

This exhibition is an opportunity to share impressions of a two-month stay in the north of the Magadan region, in the area of the Kalyk stream. Photography here appears as one of the tools of knowledge, the main object of study is not the events taking place in life or even reality itself, but impressions, reflection, dreams, sounds - the inner world as a whole. This is a photograph for long viewing, listening. The presented images require calm, philosophical perception.

The exhibition will be of interest to artists and poets, art lovers, turned to the study of the inner world and silence.