From George Gershwin to Stevie Wonder


Jazz Philharmonic Hall

Zagorodny pr., 27




02 november 2018, 19:00 – 21:00


1 600 rub — 2 000 rub

Events / Concert

On November 2, the Philharmonic of Jazz Music will host a concert by the famous New York singer Miles Griffith and the quartet of Alexei Podymkin from Moscow. Musicians will perform with the new program "From George Gershwin to Stevie Wonder."

Miles Griffith is one of the vocalists who use the full range of possibilities of their voice, including a percussion or noise instrument.

Miles has repeatedly performed in Russia. With the quartet of maestro Alexei Podymkin, he has friendly relations, joint recordings and concerts. Apart from its leader, pianist Alexei Podymkin, the quartet includes brilliant musicians: saxophonist Sergey Baulin, double bass player Makar Novikov, drummer Mikhail Fotchenkov.

With the new program, which is called “From Gershwin to Wonder,” the musicians plan to play about 30 concerts as part of the Russian tour.