Organ Concert "Sous le ciel de Paris / Under the sky of Paris"




28 october 2018, 17:00 – 18:30


от 700 rub

Events / Concert

Sous le ciel de Paris is a fascinating musical journey with a charming organ pair, winners of international competitions and organizers of numerous organ festivals in Russia and abroad, Dina Ikhina and Denis Makhankov. The famous song written in 1951 for the film of the same name, which became the hallmark of Paris and France, will sound in a new way in the version for organ and melody.

Oblivion Piazzolla will create the nostalgic atmosphere of Paris of bygone times, which, like its brothers in the world of art from numerous countries of the world, were associated with this mystical city. And, finally, a glimpse into the ancient French cathedral will be possible thanks to the sound of the Parish Mass of the outstanding composer, the harpsichordist virtuoso of the Baroque era Francois Couperin. "Under the sky of Paris" - a concert-walk through the times and styles, accompanied by His Majesty Organa!