"Nothing new". Collage Exhibition


Anna Akhmatova Museum at the Fountain House

Liteyny Ave, 53 (under the arch)




11 february 2020, 10:30 — 01 march 2020, 18:30


Free of charge

Events / Exhibition

The name of the exhibition is “Nothing New”, this is its essence and main idea. “We do not announce new truths: the exposition tells more about what we constantly see around us,” the author tells about the project. The art of collage embodies the processing of meaning: pictures and letters are arranged in compositions and acquire other meanings, without changing themselves.

The exhibition will include collages created, according to the artist’s intention, only from ready-made elements: newspaper and magazine pages, advertising flyers, posters and other “products and offal” of mass media. The collage in this case involves the compilation of a new object from parts of the old, as a metaphor for the fact that "the new meaning is a product of the processing of other meanings." Following the same idea, the author included in the exposition an installation of items from the post-Soviet life, each of which once served for its intended purpose.