Concert № 2021. Sunset orchestra — «Orchestra of flying plates»




20 september 2018, 19:00 – 21:00


Free of charge

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The team performs music on the newest instrument of the planet - hange (handpane). The first group, which combined improvisation and composition, multilayeredness and simplicity - all in a young sphere like hange.

The author of the project is Yuri Rubin (aka Morpheus), musician and traveler. Collector of unusual instruments, the author of the idea of the space of intuitive music, from which the first school of hange appeared in Russia (workshop "Alhambra").

To the music of the hang, filled with diverse ethnic rhythms, you will travel to distant lands and plunge into the meditative and mesmerizing sound of this instrument. From the first sounds you find yourself in a real cosmic tale, and all disturbing thoughts remain in another reality. We will try to create an island of happiness and relaxation inside city fuss.