Festival of arts and crafts "Salt town - the city of craftsmen"


Salt town

Quarter between the embankment of Fontanka, Salt lane, streets Pestel and Gangut




27 may 2023, 12:00 — 19:00


Free of charge

Events / Festival

On May 29, the XXIV International Festival of Arts and Design “Solyanoy. City of masters" will take place.

The famous St. Petersburg open-air, organized by the Stieglitz Academy and dedicated to the celebration of the City Day, will bring together numerous master classes, an international fine arts competition, exhibitions, fashion shows, a scientific and practical conference and an open lecture hall. Within the framework of the festival, there will be a fair of works of fine and decorative arts.

Festival guests will be able to take part in public master classes led by teachers and masters of the Stieglitz Academy. Painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, pottery, restoration, mosaic, hot art enamel, art forging, painting on fabric, printed graphics, calligraphy and even the art of animation - these and other master classes in the courtyards of the Stieglitz Academy can be visited completely free of charge ... A defile will be held in the open air, which will present the latest fashion trends and original interpretations of historical costumes.

In the Great Courtyard of the Stieglitz Academy, an art fair "The Goldfinch" will unfold, which will present works of fine and decorative and applied arts - graphics, painting and sculpture, as well as jewelry, accessories, handmade dishes, souvenirs, clothing and other items. created by students and alumni of the Stieglitz Academy.

Admission to the festival is free. Participation in all programs is free.