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Events / Festival

On April 20 and 21, 2019 the Spring Festival of Light will be held in St. Petersburg. For the first time, an object for light installations, the work of 3D-designers and VR-artists will be the building of the Theater for Young People in Pioneer Square.

At all times, people are trying to find wonders around the world. Natural and man-made miracles. In addition to the world-famous monuments of nature and architecture - the traditional wonders of the world, the first-born miracle is each of the elements - water, fire, air. Countless legends and myths were created by mankind on the path of knowledge of these forces of nature. This is an inexhaustible source for poets, musicians, artists.

Another miracle created by man is the world of art. But this world is so huge, so immense, that it’s impossible to talk about everything connected with it. 2019 is the year of the Theater. It is logical that the festival is dedicated to the great miracle of art and the greatest of the arts - His Majesty the Theater. The curtain opens and another Wonder of the World begins ...

"Live" artists, actors, acrobats will take part in the mapping of the plot. Along with the recognizable attributes of classical theater, the presentation will include elements of the commedia dell'arte, the texture of cubism and avant-garde art, as well as modern techniques of light, laser and neon shows.

There will be new products as well: for the first time at the Spring Festival of Light a way to create living paintings using virtual reality technology will be used. In front of our eyes, the image from the helmet of the VR designer is transferred to the real world, appearing on the building through a projection.

Another know-how of the upcoming festival - for the first time in the world! - the creation of augmented reality (AR) at a massive Open Air event.

Mapping pictures are complemented by objects that seem to “fly out” from the video projection on the viewer, developing the storyline. Each viewer will be able to experience the stunning effect of being in a voluminous, virtual world with the help of his smartphone.
The “Miracle of light” festival will receive visitors for two evenings, from 21.00 to 23.00. The performances will be repeated every half hour, and there will be two entrances to the territory: one - from Zagorodny Avenue, in the alignment of Gorokhovaya Street, the other - from the Zvenigorodskaya metro station. Exits from the territory are provided on the sides of the Theatre building. Thus, the public will have time to change, without creating a crowd.