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Cheeky MicroComicon


Port Sevcable

Kozevennaya Line, 40


Fair site


13 april 2019, 12:00 — 14 april 2019, 21:00


от 200 rub

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Micro comicon is the most fun festival and comic book fair in St. Petersburg. The unique atmosphere, meetings with publishers and authors of comic books, funny and informative lectures, comic crossing, championships on desktops and 8-bit computer games, a lot of jokes, prizes and good mood.

Once again, in a single space, we will collect all the comics that have recently been published in Russian, ranging from manga and superheroic to authoring comics. In addition, a large assortment of foreign language books and magazines and old comic book editions are expected. You are awaited by special prices from publishers and shops, contests and interesting meetings.

April 13 - ticket admission, April 14 - free entrance.