Tickets to the Ruskeala Mountain Park, tickets to the Akhvenkoski waterfalls are paid separately.

Saint Petersburg – Ruskeala Mountain Park

One-day bus tour of the most beautiful places in Karelia


14,5 hr
Working days
1 May
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4590 rub. *
Tickets to the Ruskeala Mountain Park, tickets to the Akhvenkoski waterfalls are paid separately.

What can you expect?

A one-day tour from St. Petersburg to the Ruskeala mountain park will acquaint you with the most beautiful places of the Karelian Isthmus and Western Karelia. Having made a trip on a new comfortable tourist-class bus with a professional guide, you will spend an unforgettable day off far from the bustle of the city among the pristine Finnish nature, you will see many interesting historical sites.

One day trip to the most beautiful places in Karelia
An unforgettable three hours in a mountain park.
Waterfalls, lakes, rocks, pine forest.
The cities of Karelia: Priozersk, Sortavala, Lakhdenpohja.
The perfect Saturday getaway for the whole family.
New, comfortable tourist bus.
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Route and content of the tour

In program

Early in the morning our bus will leave from the Ploshchad Vosstaniya, and after about three hours of travel across the entire Karelian Isthmus, it will arrive in the town of Priozersk, formerly Kexholm. Here we will explore the Korela fortress and learn how it became one of the most famous political prisons in Russia, who were detained here ...

Then we will cross the border of the Republic of Karelia and soon arrive in Sortavala, where we will have a sightseeing tour of this ancient city on the banks of Ladoga.

And here it is, the famous Ruskeala mountain park! We will spend three hours in it, during which you can enjoy the beautiful Finnish nature, take a walk on hiking trails, climb observation platforms, and take a boat trip. And for those who like active rest, there are diving, bungee jumping, trolls (zipline), ATVs and snowmobiles - depending on the season. You will explore Ruskeala Park on your own, and the guide will tell you in detail about all the possibilities of this place.

On the way back we will visit Akhvenkoski - one of the most famous and picturesque waterfalls in Karelia. Those who wish can take a walk along the eco-trail. Then we will make a stop in the town of Lakhnedpohja, where you can drop by a fish store or tasting Karelian alcoholic beverages - also at will.

We will return to St. Petersburg at about 23.00.


A few days before the trip, you will need to provide in any convenient way the passport data of all participants in the trip (required by the legislation of the Russian Federation). Each participant must take a passport with them, children - a birth certificate.

Payment is made on the spot in cash to the guide. The seating on the bus is on a first come, first served basis (but if you share your wishes about the place in advance, we will try to take them into account).

Свидетельства очевидцев

26 марта 2024

Классная поездка, очень понравилось! Единственное пожелание — хотелось бы побольше времени провести в Рускеале, не все успели посмотреть. Наверно придется еще разок съездить ;) 

25 февраля 2024

Карелия прекрасна в любое время года, Рускеала тоже! Особенно понравилась вечерняя цветная подсветка парка и Рускеальский экспресс. Спасибо за отличную программу, теперь планируем летом кататься по Ладожским шхерам и на Валаам!

30 июня 2023

Отличный однодневный тур! Насыщенная программа и очень много впечатлений за один день! Совет тем, кто планирует ехать: Обязательно посетите водопады Ахвенкоски. Там за доп. плату вход, но вы не пожалеете!

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Saint Petersburg – Ruskeala Mountain Park

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