Za uglom (around the corner)

Raz'ezjhaya st., 2
18:00 – 04:00
Average bill
600 rubles

"Around the corner" is a lively open source space, which inherited from the shotshop "Ryadom" its ability to surround itself with completely different people, charmingly fool around and successfully try on all sorts of formats. On Wednesdays there is a movie watching, Sunday evening is devoted to borscht and horseradish.

On the first floor, the owners have arranged a classic shotshop with a large selection of strong alcohol and branded distillates, and on the second floor a brasserie with a large screen on which films are played. More alcohol in the card included sparkling and usual wine. Together vodka and liqueurs, they offer typical snacks such as herring sandwiches, beer served with hot dogs or deli meats.

Popular drinks and dishes:

  • Polugar - 250 rubles.
  • Khlebnik - 200 rubles.
  • Sherry Massandra - 200 rubles.
  • Sandwich with herring, lard and pickled cucumbers - 100 rubles.
  • Hot dog - 160 rubles.
  • Basturma - 150 rubles.
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