Vyborg Museum


Vyborg, 1 Zamkovy Ostrov


10:00 – 18:00


Цейхгауз и Дом Наместника выходные только по понедельникам

Entrance fee

Admission: ₽350 (adults), ₽700 (foreign tourists). Free of charge for children under 16

The Vyborg Castle was founded and built by the Swedes in 1293 on an islet in the Gulf of Finland.

Little is known about the castle’s original appearance. According to archeologists, the central area of the islet was once fenced with a stone that would later surround the tall Tower of St. Olav, Vyborg’s centerpiece and symbol.

Nowadays, the castle accommodates a history museum featuring ancient furniture, engravings, documents, and other artefacts.

Presently, the Tower of St. Olav is temporarily closed for renovation.

Located 120 km from St. Petersburg, Vyborg is accessible by train from Finlandsky (Finnish) Station, by bus from Parnas and Devyatkino metro stations, or by car.

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