Ugryumochnaya on Liteyny

Liteyny pr., 53
16:00 – 06:00
Average bill
500 rubles

The second depressive bar in the city opened on Liteiny Prospect (the first Ugryumochnaya is located on the main "bar" street of the city -  Rubinshteina Street).

Petersburg, as we know from the books of Dostoevsky and other classics, is a city of sad people. That is why Ugryumochnaya is so popular. Here you can cry in the vest in the literal sense of the word (the vest hangs on the wall), and the bartender will not only give you the Mayakovsky cocktail in a gun or Joplin in a syringe, but also provide almost professional psychological help.

The slogan of the institution: "We have no cockroaches - come with your own."

On Mondays from 20.00 in the bar on Liteiny - Show of stories, where anyone can speak.

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