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TYuT is a unique children's and youth theater, created in 1956 by the outstanding Russian director and teacher Matvey Grigorievich Dubrovin.

TYuT has created and has been successfully operating a complex system of raising children in theater for more than sixty years. It includes not only acting classes, but also mastering a number of other theatrical professions. Here children and adolescents not only play on stage, but also control light and sound, create props, costumes, decorations, and paint make-up with their own hands. Everyone here is burning with his own work!

Many of the pupils of TYuT now head the production units of the leading theaters in Moscow and St. Petersburg, are highly qualified specialists in this field, such as, for example, the winner of three national awards "Golden Mask", lighting designer Gleb Filshtinsky.

Since 1974, the Theater of Youth Creativity has been directed by a student and follower of Dubrovin, a graduate of the Higher Theater School named after B.V. Shchukin, Honored Worker of Culture of Russia Evgeny Yuryevich Sazonov.

The TYuT repertoire includes plays by foreign and domestic playwrights, as well as those created within the walls of the theater. From Shakespeare and Chekhov, Moliere and Ibsen, Eugene Schwartz and Astrid Lindgren - to young playwrights - former Tyutovites.

The theater box office is located in the main building of the Anichkov Palace.

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