Transport to the tourist suburbs of St. Petersburg


How to get to Pushkin (Tsarskoye Selo)

Take the metro and get off at Moskovskaya station; further - three options:

  • on minibuses No. K-287, No. K-347, No. K-545, No. K-299 to the intersection of Oranzhereina and Sadovaya streets;
  • by minibus number K-342 to Leontievskaya street;
  • by bus number 187 to the stop "Egyptian Gate"

How to get to Pavlovsk

Take the train from Vitebsk railway station (Pushkinskaya / Zvenigorodskaya metro station) to the Pavlovsk railway station (Pavlovsky railway station); further - by buses No. 370, No. 372, No. 375A, No. 383, No. 493 to the Pavlovsky Palace.

How to get to Peterhof

Take an electric train from the Baltiysky railway station (Baltiyskaya metro) to the Novy Petergof railway station, then by buses 350, 351A, 351B, 356 to the Pravlenskaya street stop.

How to get to Kronstadt

Take the metro and get off at the Chernaya Rechka station; further - by shuttle bus No. K-405 to the stop "Leningradskaya Marina".

How to get to Vyborg

  • By train - from the Finland Station (Ploshchad Lenina metro station) to the Vyborg railway station; interval of movement - 1-3 hours; travel time - 2-2.5 hours.
  • By "Lastochka" electric train - from Finland Station to Vyborg Railway Station; travel time - 1 hour 15 minutes; check the schedule on the website or at the station.
  • By bus number 850 from the metro station Parnas; interval of movement - 30-40 minutes; travel time - 2 hours.

How to get to Gatchina

  • By train - from the Baltic railway station (Baltiyskaya metro) to the Gatchina-Baltiyskaya railway station.
  • By bus No. 431 or minibus No. K-18 from the Moskovskaya metro station to the Sobornaya street stop;
  • By shuttle bus No. K-18A from Moskovskaya metro station to the Gatchinsky Palace stop.