Kazanskaya Str., 7
10:00 – 22:00
Entrance fee
Adults: on weekdays - 450 rubles, Weekends, vacations and holidays - 550 rubles.
Children (4-14 years): on weekdays - 350 rubles, Weekends, vacations and holidays - 450 rubles.
Families with many children, people with disabilities - 300 rubles, children under 3 years - free of charge.
Individual excursion -1000 rub.

More than 800 sq.m. of exposition, where everyone will find something previously unknown for themselves. Traveling through the exhibition "TITIQAQA", you will be amazed by how many secrets there are on the planet that is not told during the lessons of geography, history, and biology.

The creators of the museum searched for the most unusual and rare objects around the world. They hunted for them at auctions, bought them from private collectors, begged from archaeologists and brought from independent trips. The result of the searches was a collection of curiosities, which you definitely need to add to your experience.

There are more than 70 strange, and sometimes shocking exhibits from around the world: from a real brachiosaur egg to the smallest car in the world - a 134-centimeter Peel P50. The exposition is divided into four thematic halls: "Wonders of nature", "Unusual people", "Dark spots of history" and "Made in Russia".

The atmosphere, immersing in the world of incredible records, is as interactive as possible: you can climb into the full-sized heart of a blue whale or take a photo in medieval masks of shame.

Индивидуальные пешеходные экскурсии — обзорные, необычные, тематические
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