Fairy Tale Theater

Moscow pr., 121
Entrance fee
from 300 to 1000 rubles, excursions: from 150 to 300 rubles.

Since 1944, the Fairy Tales puppet theater has been bringing the best fairy tales for children to life on stage. Good fairy tales, magical, fantastic stories are embodied here in the form of musicals and parables, lyrical stories and funny performances full of magic and miracles.

Arriving at the Fairy Tale Theater, you immediately find yourself in an amazing fantasy world: fantastic animals fly in the foyer, and the audience is greeted by the Theater Fairy.

The performances are addressed to spectators of all ages, because the puppet theater is an ancient and complex art. But most of the spectators of our theater are, of course, children and their parents. It is advisable to start a visit to the theater at the age of three.

Respect and benevolence, the desire to convey the beauty and harmony of the world - these important components determine the original creative appearance of the Fairy Tale Theater. Both spectators and theater critics unanimously recognize our Fairy Tale Theater as one of the best puppet theaters in the country.

The theater invites children over 7 years old to take behind the scenes tours. You will walk through theatrical workshops and get acquainted with the props artists, visit the workshop of a theater costume technologist, a doll designer, a decorator, a joiner, a make-up artist, a master and many other masters, you will learn how everyday clothes differ from a theatrical costume, and a toy - from theater puppets, what theatrical puppets are and why the stage needs pockets.

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