Theater "On the Neve"


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"On the Neva" is an author's children's drama theater, which opened on September 24, 1987. The creator and artistic director of the theater is Tatyana Arkadyevna Savenkova, Honored Art Worker of the Russian Federation. She is not only a stage director - she also owns stage productions, musical and artistic design of performances.

Today the repertoire of the theater "On the Neva" includes about thirty performances, all staged by Tatyana Savenkova and all - fairy tales. Russian and foreign, the most famous, the best and favorite: "Cinderella", "Thumbelina", "Little Red Riding Hood", "The Adventures of Buratino", "The Bremen Town Musicians", "The Snow Queen", "Frost", "By the Pike's command ..." , "Mowgli", "Geese-Swans and Baba-Yaga", "Twelve Months", "Cat's House" and many others.

The theater under the direction of Tatiana Savenkova teaches the audience about goodness and love for their neighbors. Each theatrical fairy tale is full of music, funny original songs, dance numbers, good humor.

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