Pork snout


Fontanka river emb,, 5, attic 11 (entrance from the yard, intercom: 1978# and 1959)



Monday, Tuesday


Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

17:00 – 20:00


13:00 – 20:00

The Pork Snout art gallery, located opposite the Circus on the Fontanka, was created by the Kolkhui artists group. This group, or, as they call it, the art sect, was created in 2002 by Petersburg artists, including such well-known names as Andrei Kagadeev (NOM group), Nikolai Kopeikin, Vasya Lozhkin, Kirill Miller, Viktor Puzo, Vasily Golubev and others.

The main creative method of the “Koldovskye Artists” is irony, turning into killer sarcasm, then into tears of enlightenment. Or, as again, the participants themselves formulate, “the dramatization of idiocy and the idiocy of drama” is a concept fully reflected in the name of the gallery, it is also a museum.

The works of the group members are in more than 30 museums of Russia and other countries.

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