Soup Wine

Kazanskaya st., 24
12:00 – 23:30
Average bill
1200 rubles
+7 (812) 312 76 90

Only 5 tables on twenty square meters, - “Soup Wine” is a microrestobar, the smallest establishment in the center of historical St. Petersburg. Full-length benches and a modern chandelier in the center, a bar counter and high chairs dominated by flowing lines, lots of light wood and Villeroy & Boch floor tiles from the early twentieth century.

On the menu you will find a large selection of different soups, snacks, simple hot dishes and homemade desserts. The bar list has both homemade wines and a wide range of wines from different countries.

The restaurant belongs to Mikhail Georgievsky and is literally a stone’s throw away from his second restaurant, the Italian restaurant “Testo”.

Popular dishes:

  • Chicken broth with croutons - 220 rubles.
  • Tomato soup with mozzarella on toast - 250 rubles.
  • French onion soup - 250 rubles.
  • Mix salad with grilled chicken fillet in balsamic dressing - 380 rubles.
  • Salad with chicken liver and plums in port wine sauce - 390 rubles.
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