Lomonosova st., 2
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday
20:00 – 06:00
Average bill
1000 rubles

A three-level Soviet-style conceptual bar is located in the richest nightlife district of St. Petersburg - at the intersection of Lomonosov and Dumskaya streets.

On the ground floor there is a contact bar and the main dance floor, where fun parties are held under the direction of the best DJs, MCs and go-go girls. On weekends there are special effects shows!

On the second floor there is a karaoke room with a bar and a hookah room. On the third floor - the second dance floor with music in the house style and another bar.

From Sunday to Thursday, drinks at the bar multiply all night by 2, and when ordering a hookah, changing the bowl is free! On weekends and holidays, drinks in the bar are multiplied by 2 starting five in the morning.

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