Знаменитое здание


Dobrolyubova Ave. near Tuchkov Bridge
Metro Stations
05:35 – 00:30
Years of foundation
A.S. Konstantinov, V.S. Volonevich, O.A. Kuznetsov, engineer N.I. Kulagin.

The station of the 5th (Frunzensko-Primorskaya, Violet) metro line was opened on September 15, 1997 as part of the Sadovaya - Chkalovskaya section. It got its name from two large sports facilities located nearby - the Petrovsky Stadium and the Yubileiny Sports Palace. The Sportivnaya project was developed by architects A.S. Konstantinov, V.S. Volonevich with the participation of O.A. Kuznetsova and engineer N.I. Kulagin.

The station has two exits on both sides of the Tuchkov Bridge - the north on the Petrograd side and the south on Vasilyevsky Island, which opened on May 27, 2015. Lobbies are connected by a 300-meter passenger tunnel under Malaya Neva, where a horizontal escalator - a travelator, unique for the St. Petersburg metro, passes.

Entrance to the northern lobby is through an underpass with a huge hall. You can enter it from Bolshoi Avenue of the Petrograd Side and from Dobrolyubov Avenue.

The southern lobby, also underground, is located on the Makarov Embankment, near the Cadet and 1st lines. You can get there through the glazed pavilions with escalators or simply by going down the stairs.

The architecture of the station is a synthesis of monumental painting, sculpture and architecture on a sports theme. Above the escalators and in the underground halls there are mosaic panels by the artist Alexander Bystrov, they have something in common with the medallions on the walls. The ceiling is illuminated by lamps in the ancient Greek style. The text “Odes to Sport” by Pierre de Coubertin is located in the end wall of the upper tier of the station.

The construction of underground halls is very interesting. Sportivnaya is a two-tier station, which was designed as an interchange hub, but now there is only one platform in each of the two halls. Trains from the center arrive on the upper platform, and from the Chkalovskaya and Krestovsky Islands to the lower. The halls are connected by escalators. At the end of the lower tier is the entrance to the pedestrian tunnel leading to the travelator and to the southern lobby of the station.