Marshal Tukhachevsky st., 31
Cultural spaces
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
10:00 – 20:00
Friday, Weekend
12:00 – 20:00

The Piskarevsky Library and Cultural Center "SHKAF" is a library and art residence, a synthesis of the center of book culture, open space and a laboratory of contemporary art. Various projects in the field of literature, architecture and design are implemented here, exhibitions and concerts, film screenings and theatrical performances, lectures and creative meetings are held.

"SHKAF" opened in September 2020. As conceived by the authors of the project - the Serious Project architectural studio - the emphasis is on the mobility and multifunctionality of the library space. On an area of 1100 sq. meters are located lecture and study corners, recreation areas and places for master classes.

The first floor is called the "Concept Floor": the main library funds are located here. So far, only one Znanie hall is open, where you can get industry literature. The Meeting Hall with fiction literature will also open soon.

The second floor of the cultural center is called “The Incarnation Floor”. There are two main rooms here: the "Loafer's Office" and a space where you can drink coffee and read a book.

In the "Loser's Office" you can sit, meditate or meet with colleagues, there is an opportunity to communicate without ties, sitting on hanging chairs. This is a place for reflection, discussion, reflection. " Unobtrusive music plays in a small cozy coffee shop, there is an opportunity to read your favorite book overlooking the park and a cup of aromatic coffee.

There is also a territory for children in the "Shkaf" - a children's literature room, and in the future a children's workshop and a game module "Island" will open.

Another creative platform is the "Form" module, dedicated to architecture, urbanism, where an open workshop works. The module flows into a unique architectural photo gallery.

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