View from Pikalov Bridge at the intersection of the Kryukov Canal with the Griboedov Canal

Pikalov Bridge across the Griboedov Canal is a favorite place for St.Petersburg photographers and artists, as well as for all connoisseurs of the beautiful who know his "secret". It is from here that an unusual and fascinating view of St. Petersburg's bridges opens up, which was named "Semimoste" by the people.

Stand on the bridge so that to your left is Nicholas Cathedral and slowly turn around yourself clockwise. You can see at once seven bridges: the Pikalov Bridge itself (it will be under your feet), Krasnogvardeysky, Novo-Nikolsky and Mogilev bridges across the Griboedov Canal, as well as the Staro-Nikolsky, Adjacent and Kashin bridges across the Kryukov Canal.

According to the legend, "Semimoste" fulfills wishes: for this on the 7th day of any month at 7 pm you need to stand on the Pikalov bridge and make a wish by turning clockwise.

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