St. Petersburg Planetarium


Aleksandrovsky park, 4



Entrance fee

Adults: 500 rubles, children 4-17 years old, students, senior citizens: 250 rubles.

The first planetarium in our city was opened on November 4, 1959 in the building of the former People’s House in Alexander Park. It marked the achievements of the USSR in space exploration and became one of the largest scientific and educational centers in the world.

Today it is inferior in scale to Planetarium No. 1 on the embankment of the Obvodny Canal, but still remains a fascinating place for lovers of astronomy and the mysteries of the universe.

There are 7 halls with popular science programs in the Planetarium:

  • Star hall
  • Space trip
  • Planet
  • Laboratory of entertaining experiments
  • Observatory
  • Horizon Hall
  • Hall of entertaining illusions

Before visiting the planetarium, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the schedule on the website

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