Gardening Bode


Pavlovsk park, Gardening Bode


Open from June 30 till September 30

The revived Bode Gardening is one of the most interesting attractions of the Pavlovsk Museum-Reserve.

"Gardening" from the end of the XVIII century was an integral element in the formation of palace and park ensembles of Europe and Russia. A passion for botanic and agronomy was characteristic of an educated society and imperial women. Empress Maria Fedorovna, following fashion and her own tastes, seriously and deeply studied the science of plant growing. In 1799, the Garden of Bode in Pavlovsk Park appeared on historical plans. It got its name from the name of the senior gardener Ernst Bode, who lived and worked on its territory. In gardening, according to the plans of the beginning of the 19th century, ridges were decorated in the form of squares occupied by vegetable crops with borders of bright colors.

Work on the reconstruction of the Bode Gardening began in 2014 from photographs, ancient drawings and archival documents. In the spring of 2015, about 4.5 thousand plants were planted in gardening. In 2016, the area of the ornamental garden was expanded, the fruit and berry garden was laid. Today, Bode's Gardening has more than 15 thousand plants. When forming the assortment of the garden, bright decorativeness of vegetable crops, medicinal and spicy herbs, previously grown plants, but now almost forgotten is taken into account.

In the fall, during the harvest season, the art festival “Autumn Pastoral” traditionally takes place on the territory of the Bode Gardening. Once a year, citizens and guests of St. Petersburg are invited to enjoy the indescribable atmosphere of Pavlovsky Park, appreciate the beauty of the autumn garden, learn a lot about the rare crops that grow in gardening, and admire fruit and vegetable compositions created by florists.