Ryumochnaya nearby (shotshop)

Gorokhovaya st., 32
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday
18:00 – 04:00
Friday, Saturday
18:00 – 06:00
Average bill
700 rubles

The night bar in the basement with vaulted ceilings on Gorokhovaya Street is designed in the ironic style of Soviet shotshops. The owners of the bar call it "wine glasses for noble people of different classes." Therefore, the menu here is divided into two areas - "Comrades" and "Lords". The main drink is naturally vodka, but there are more expensive imported alcohol, as well as beer and cocktails. Snacks are offered with sandwiches and other uncomplicated ingredients.

The main thing in the shotshop "Nearby" - its atmosphere. Posters on the walls can be looked at for a long time, and the motto of the place on the red panel: “Drink clean, stay honest” leads to philosophical reflections, especially after midnight.

Sometimes there are sport broadcasts at the bar.

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