Drunk spruce

Pestel st, 21
16:00 – 02:00
до 29 ноября 2020 года бар работает до 23.00
Average bill
900 rubles
+7 (911) 034-41-93

A Slavic-style bar serving Old Russian cuisine and numerous homemade liqueurs.

“Be healthy, traveler, who came to sit by our fire. Warm yourself up with a fragrant tincture of zaboristy ali, satisfy your hunger with the dishes of our skilled cooks, and listen to the stories of wonderful and ancient from bar magicians about the Russian land. We will tell you legends, test your ingenuity and dexterity in the dashing folk amusements, introduce you to the everyday life and customs of our glorious ancestors, challenge you to a great competition, and send you home, according to our tradition, on horseback as a crow. "

Popular positions:

  • Meat collection (Belarusian lard, smoked brisket, jellied meat, herbs, horseradish, garlic, mustard and bread): 390 rubles.
  • Dumplings with fish: 290 rubles
  • Boar potato (new jacket potatoes baked with bacon): 290 rubles
  • Baked apples in honey: 200 rubles
  • Apples in honey, baked with nuts and berries.
  • A glass of branded liqueur: 150 rubles.
  • Sbiten 0.3 l. (old traditional non-alcoholic drink. Spicy herbal and honey): 150 rubles.
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