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Odoevskogo st., 29
Metro Stations
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Years of foundation
G.P. Kononchuk and others

The station of the 3rd (Nevsko-Vasileostrovskaya, Green) line was opened on September 28, 1979 as part of the Vasileostrovskaya - Primorskaya section. Prior to the opening in 2018 of Novokrestovskaya and Begovaya, it was the westernmost metro station in St. Petersburg. It got its name because of its proximity to the coast of the Gulf of Finland.

The project "Primorskaya" was developed by architects G.P. Kononchuk, V.N. Sokolov, N.I. Starodubov and V.A. Reppo. The station pavilion is a laconic structure on a stepped basement, surrounded by many shops.

The marine theme was chosen for the design of the underground hall: walls and columns are lined with gray marble with white and dark gray veins forming a wavy pattern. On the piers between the columns there are medallions with high reliefs of the famous ships of the Russian and Soviet fleets, whose path began in the city on the Neva. At the end of the underground hall is a composition of anchors by sculptor G.V. Dodonova.

In the 1980s, a large retail and office building was added to the station pavilion, where, among other things, the Petersburg Metro Museum is located.