Lost book

Liteyny pr., 55 (in the yard)
Opened in
October 2021
Veronica Bernard

A sad book, similar to a cartoon character, settled in October 2021 on a bench in the courtyard of Printing House No. 3 on Liteiny. The author of the unusual sculpture is a graduate of the Repin Academy of Arts Veronica Bernard

As the director of the printing house Yekaterina Rogovtsova said, the Lost Book monument refers to a historical episode: in 1863, not far from this place, the poet and publisher Nikolai Nekrasov, who lived at 36 Liteiny Street, lost the manuscript of Chernyshevsky's What Is to Be Done? Moreover, the sculpture is intended to draw attention to the fate of paper books, which in the 21st century are being replaced by electronic devices.

Everyone went to the Internet, and the Lost Book is sadly sitting on a bench and waiting for its reader ...

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