Polugar Bar Spb


Italyanskaya st., 19




15:00 – 03:00

Average bill

1000 rubles




+7 (812) 407-30-05

The world's first mono-brand bar serving traditional Russian strong drink - polugar, as well as a variety of liqueurs and cocktails based on it.

Polugar Bar is an institution where Russian traditions and modern fashion trends met. Polugar is a bread distillate known since the 18th century. It was produced in copper stills, about the same principle as single malt Scotch whiskey.

Each drink in Polugar Bar is named after the first letters of its ingredients. For example, the “Friday” liqueur consists of passionflower, apple, thorns, nectarine, isabella, chicory and orange. (Promise, it makes sense in Russian). Freshly baked bread with a choice of sauces is served as a snack.

The interior of the institution is made in black and gold colors in the Art Deco style.

Popular drinks and snacks:

  • Polugar: 200-500 rubles / 25 ml
  • Infusions: 250 rubles / 25 ml
  • Punch and cocktails: 490 rub.
  • Snacks: 300-500 rubles.
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